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Across the industries & applications around the world,
we offer top-notch GPS products and enable economic
breakthroughs-boosting compliance, enhancing safety,
and reducing the pain factor.

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Ahmedabad GPS Tracker is an ISO 9001 qualified company offering the world-class GPS Tracking Devices. We provide a robust GPS hardware and the cutting edge GPS Mobile App and GPS Software that help our consumers to manage their vehicles, fleet, and assets. Our most exclusive series of GPS Tracking Devices is appropriate for all our customers as well as the industries.

Though the best recognized for the latest and hi-tech GPS technology, we assimilates an extensive variety of the positioning technologies that includes various types of GPS Trackers for your 4-wheelers vehicles and two-wheeler vehicles. Our integrated solutions such as GPS mobile/software allow consumers to assemble, manage, & analyze the complex data/information more faster & easier and making them extra efficient, productive, and profitable.


Attain the tailor-made services which are full stack of IOT enabled GPS Solutions intended to track, report, and analyze your assets in real time.

GPS Device

Real-live tracking is one of the exclusive and pioneering GPS software’s features that come usual with all our GPS Tracking devices. This excellent feature is really handy for the fleet managers and the individual vehicle owners as this assists them to keep a close eye on their vehicles 24/7.

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GPS Software and App

Our GPS Mobile Application is an exclusive platform which is autonomous and user friendly. With the proper assistance of our innovative GPS Mobile App you can keep track of your vehicle from the comfort of your home and keep an eye over your vehicle at anytime and anywhere.

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IoT Solutions

We offer the best GPS Tracking Devices which are powered by the IOT Solutions such as traffic reporting, average speed, park-assist, distance sensors, driving etiquettes monitoring, temperature sensors, etc. IOT offers many new and innovative tools that make your tracking experience rapid and easier.

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GPS Tracking Solutions

Manage your fleets, track your personal vehicles, and monitor your loved ones with the assistance of location based GPS Tracking Solutions.


Fleet Management

Streamline your fleet’s process and optimize the route planning with the assistance of our influential fleet management. This solution ensures the safe transportation of your goods to its actual destination. Our fleet management solutions also enhance your productivity.


Elderly Care

With our GPS Tracking Solutions you can monitor your loved ones especially your elder parents remotely. If they get lost outside, they can alert you with the SOS tracker button and you will be capable to reach to them very easily & quickly for their assistance.


Child Protection

Parenting comes with wide range of challenges. But, our GPS Tracking Solutions the challenges of your parenthood will get little easier. With the help of our realistic solutions you can ensure the safety of your kids when they are out of your sight.



Field Service

Optimize your field services with the help of our GPS Tracking Solutions. Our solutions considerably get better your company's field service functionalities. Moreover, with the help of these solutions you can track the exact location of your field employees and better utilize their time.


I highly appreciate the GPS Tracking Solutions offered by Ahmadabad GPS Tracker. I install GPS Tracking Devices in my fleets and gain higher level of productivity in my business firm. The devices are realistic and provide real time tracking of your vehicles.

Kunal Kapoor

The GPS Tracking Solutions offered by Ahmadabad GPS Tracker are highly advanced and influential. I install the GPS Tracker for Motorcycle in my Apache bike and it helps me to track each & every location anytime anywhere! I recommend this device to everyone.

Ronit Singh

GPS Tracking Devices

Across the industries & applications around the world, we offer top-notch GPS products and enable economic breakthroughs—boosting compliance, enhancing safety, and reducing the pain factor.


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Car Charger

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To help you to manage your entire vehicle’s actions and activities efficiently, update yourself with our useful resources.

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The innovative GPS technology and devices has been around for an extensive time yet even nowadays numerous industries are unsure about its powerful usage & benefits.

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Ahemdabad GPS Track Mobile App

Every now & then we see a newspaper coverage of the motor-vehicle been snatched from the chauffeur though driving on the roads or it has been theft from the parking lot

19 Dec, 2018

Ahemdabad GPS B2B Platform – AASMA

With its deep market penetration and wide market research about the vehicle tracking system, we were once only restricted in providing the product and services in the Gujarat only.

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