Car Charger

A distinct product which protects your luxury 4 wheelers from getting stolen along with in-built battery. So, with VCT now only track and trace your 4 wheeler but also safeguard it smartly.


Plug and Play option

In-built Charger, No wire stripping

Easy to install and use

Compatible with any vehicle

Smart and elegant look, Hidden gadget

Real-time tracking and alerts

Affordable price

Maximum internal battery life with in-built battery

Integrated with VoxTrail mobile app and software

Tech Specifications

1. Dimensions 40x75x25mm
2. Weight 35g
3. Battery 450mAh
4. Network GSM/GPRS
5. Bandwidth 850/900/1800/1900/Mhz
6.Standby Time 24 hour
7. GPS Sensitivity -159 dBm
8. GPS Accuracy 5m
9. Storage Temperature (-40℃ to +85℃)
10. Operation Temperature (-20℃ to +55℃)
11. Humidity 5%-95% none-condensing