Ahemdabad GPS Track Software

The innovative GPS technology and devices has been around for an extensive time yet even nowadays numerous industries are unsure about its powerful usage & benefits. Sadly saying this remarkable technology is now getting overshadowed. But, we at AHMEDABAD GPS TRACK associate of VoxTrail Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. – an intelligent Technology partner of us offers valuable whitelabeling solutions to cater the market needs extensively.

Ahemdabad GPS Track Software is a highly developed GPS tool which is technically configured with the GPS Tracking Devices installed in the vehicles. Ahemdabad GPS Track Software utilizes the Global Positioning System to track the alarmed vehicle or individual by providing real-time data. Moreover, the software can simply be installed. However, Ahemdabad GPS Track Software is extensively used in the transportation & logistics firms but it also explores takers across multiple sectors which includes government, construction, utilities, child safety, field service, cable and telecom, elderly care, insurance, courier service, food & beverage service, law enforcement agencies, heavy equipment, pet tracking, oil, gas & mining, car rental services, security, waste management services, & VIP tracking..

There are ‘n’ numbers of features associated with Ahemdabad GPS Track Software, some of them are:
  • Real-Time Tracking- All the GPS Tracking devices are permit with real-time monitoring in Ahemdabad GPS Track Software. Exact point to point location of the fleets or vehicles is monitored on given map. The current position of the fleet or vehicle such as parked since, moving, or idle is exactly shown by using the map markers. Multiple fleets or vehicles can be grouped & managed simultaneously by using the Ahemdabad GPS Track Software.
  • Trip History- You can track & trail all the voyages made by the fleets graphically or diagrammatically on the map. Essential information such as the kilometers travelled, idling, stoppages, average speed, and engine time is displayed in Ahemdabad GPS Track Software. Over speeding & overdrive stretch is tinted on the map. Ahemdabad GPS Track Software also comes with a superior option that is replay the whole trip. This essential feature brings the worth for both the business owners & chauffeur driven vehicle owners.
  • Geo-Fencing Alerts- Geo-fencing takes an alert customization to next level. You can generate geo-boundaries known as Geo-fences on map around the landmark. An alert is sent every time when the vehicle enters or exits from the geo-area.
  • Alerts- Using Ahemdabad GPS Track Software features like the over speeding alerts, route deviation alert, start of day alert, & unnecessary stoppage alert. One can also analyze the driver behavior & optimize the fuel usage and optimize their workforce. Depending on the requirement there are numerous alerts that are configured in Ahemdabad GPS Track Software such as Stoppage Alert, Idling Alert, Over-speeding Alert, Tampering Alert, etc.
  • Easy to Use and User-Friendly Interface- A simple & intuitive user friendly interface offers influential features such as the group-wise access without any need for the multiple accounts. Ahemdabad GPS Track Software offers a bird’s eye observation of your fleet & gives you the capability to historical report & real-time data.

The overall results delivers by Ahemdabad GPS Track Software are significant & plays a pivotal responsibility in boosting the overall growth & development of the industries. Thus, AHMEDABAD GPS TRACK proclaims to go for VoxTrail tech-enabled GPS Solutions and gain a win-win situation.